Vilacom Credit Repair Consultants

Vilacom Credit Repair Consultants


Credit is fundamentals for finance decision.
Having good credit gives you the power to credit freedom.


Request a free, confidential consultation. Our experts will discuss and develop a plan towards a better credit future.


After your consultation, we will create a credit report to keep track of your progress. With our client portal, you can review your report as we continue to monitor your progress.


After reviewing your report we now can start the repair process. Watch your scores rise with every reporting month. Our team of experts have the most adepts knowledge in the credit industry, with the know how to deal with any situation.

What We Do

You are not joining a "National Credit Repair Company". You are dealing with us locally, and we take responsibility for each of our clients.


With private client log-ins to monitor your progress, we provide a safe and a secure portal to access your credit portfolio.


We provide different payment plans catered to your specific needs. Either with by case basis or with monthly monitoring options.


Results can be seen in a little as 3 months. Let us help you raise your credit scores.Build a better future.

About Us

Our team of experts at Vilacom is staffed with the experience and knowledge it takes to get any job done; Our paralegals specialize in Consumer Protection Law we give no "empty threats" to these ruthless collectors who refuse correction. And our Certified Consultant staff, all have years of experience in the Mortgage Lending & Underwriting fields, as well as Managing several portions of Bank of America's credit card entire accounts. We WILL guide you to freedom and establish a better future!

Why Choose Us

You can choose to meet with us at our beautiful location located right on Lake Eola in Downtown, or simply give us a call for a free consultation with an expert. During that time, we will obtain every aspect of your credit, and analyze it for errors, mistakes, and guarantee we can correct nearly every situation. From negative collection accounts, unpaid credit cards, or utilities - all the way to bankruptcies, foreclosures, and even auto repo's! If you have a goal in mind, we are here to help you achieve it.


With 11 years of credit experience, we are experts in the credit industry and the know how to deal with any situation.


The client portal is easy to understand your credit progress, we take the time to consult you in step by step progression.


Credit is fundamentals for finance decision. Having good credit gives you the power to credit freedom.

Meet The Team

Our team of experts at Vilacom will guide you to credit freedom and establish a better future. With our years of knowledge behind our team, we have the know how to help manage your credit needs.

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